Cut It!Live!​(​Full​-​length)

by Blurt

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Planet You We’re still falling It is true Little by little We’ll people Planet You When we’re falling from We’ll be falling to Grace When we’re performing Around at your place When we’re being invaded By your face When we’re falling In your space Where the Order Of The Day Is to take note Of the way that you wave In dreams of leave-taking At the departure gate Hanging off its hinges In a dilapidated state Never to be mended Now its far too late Noting the way That you wave When corners are rounded And platforms lost to sight - We’re still falling It is true Little by little We’ll people Planet You When we’re falling from We’ll be falling to Grace We’ll people Planet You We’ll people Planet You We’ll people Planet You We’ll people Planet You 
 She Spent A Fortune On Lipstick On Me She spent a fortune on lipstick on me A pig was impaled beneath the floorboards The palace retainers turn face to the wall My daughter Maud fell to the ground in fear We left his name carved in a cornerstone In the face of death he experienced desire They threw the switch on the Radnorshire hillside Serpents slid from the folds in the curtains A shaman was peddling The Book Of The Dead Sinking into the vertiginous mire Through the mist the Pavilion of Lies This is my private beach This is my jetsam Miles Away When I’m talking to you I’m miles away So you dont even have to hear The poor things that I say - When I’m thinking about you When I’m scheming about you When I’m dreaming about you When I’m flying crying sighing Swimming sinking and drowning About you - I said there was something about you! When its to you I pray! Please help me to find A way out of here! But you cant hear! You cant hear Anything that I say - You freeze me you dont phone me - Why dont you write? Because you delight In cutting me to the bone - The suffocating syllables that I sent You spat them back - And you described my heart As a shelter in the park That’s been pissed upon - Where lonely hieroglyphs have been inscribed By mawkish young lovers’ penknives When the dusk was dank and forlorn - When I’m talking to you I’m miles away… Listen To My South Sea Bubble My first shed My first island Where I got the drummers in to drum To listen to my South Sea Bubble And the kings and the queens and the rogues and the thieves They listened to my South Sea Bubble Scorpions rotating in the garden Where the mangoes rot Where the mangoes rot And so high above the colonial beach A wave of lead begins to fall… Kenny Rogers’ Greatest Hit Violin suction! Violin suction! Kenny Rogers’ Greatest Hit! Covered in it! Covered in it! Makes a bed up in your eyes Puts his head between your thighs You want to watch yourself Wave yourself Goodbye! My life behind bars! My wife married a star! O! Look at that canary! This is a theme park Wherein we dwell Some call it Paradise Some call it… Well… Vengeance is mine saith The Lord In the beginning was the sword And the sword was sharp! Violin suction! Violin suction! You can tell by the way I forget your name That I care only For my own fame And talking to yourself out loud This is how to draw a crowd And in the drunken light of hat O! Look at that Canary! Violin suction! Violin suction! Kenny Rogers’ Greatest Hit! Covered in it! Covered in it!
Let Them Be! 03:54
Let Them Be! Let them be! Let them be! Anywhere! Without a care! In technicolour coats! One man one moat! Let them be! Let them be! As far as the eye can see! And well beyond! On into eternity! Let them be with their offshore funds On their islands in the sun! With a Jimmy Crack Corn Thy do be done! Hachem and Hassan Ibn Al Sabbah Both believe in the vital lies Numbered one two and three: Throw away the keys! Secrete them in an alabaster cove With the Da Vinci code Known only to the Sheik of Araby! And eat them! Let them be! Let them be!
I Wan See Ella « I wan see Ella! » « I wan see Ella! » In the street They run to greet each other Where Etta and Childers meet Right by the pillar box Blushing to its feet Ella comes from far away Where men are men - They beat women They make hay Ella comes from far away But now she’s been granted Leave to stay In my arms For ever and a day So on they run Like Little Bo Peeps Hand in hand Past rose bushes heaving Sighs of relief « I wan see Ella! » « I wan see Ella! »
Where’s The Blue Gone? The shed inside That’s where to hide With your freshly unpacked Mail-order bride The new McLaren lightweight folding cross No more backache On the uphill climb Lenin weighed 6000 tons And his index finger Was 6 meters long When walls dry their tears We shall no longer Live in fear (The neutron star is a star comprised of neutrons that has collapsed under its own gravity) Do it to yourself Or do it their way: Tossing the hand grenade On nazi sports day Tony wept when Charlie played - Mood swings on the Lap of Dishonour! Pocahontas and The Matchstick Girls! JP Morgan! JP Morgan!
Fresh Meat For Martyrs The meds make me limp So I swivel my crutch And squeeze off a round And the crowds part screaming: « People Before Prophets! » « Fresh Meat For Martyrs! » And suddenly the Sea of Galilee Appears before For me to drive My silver V12 Merc upon - Its fitted with 7G tronic Its amphibious And the bullets bounce off it! So long!
Stella By Arc Light Stella by arc light They dont care They put the boot in Anywhere & in The Den The Tenants Supermen & sometimes even their wives & children - Nobody likes them! Nobody likes them! O! The lions roar In The Lions Den & then They make Their way Back home Again - Nobody likes them!
O! Look Who's Out On Parole! O! Look who’s out on parole! Zoot-suited and tutti-fruited! Cherooted! Beatifically booted! He’s just traded in his soul For just one more night Of jelly roll For a bottle of Jim or Jack For another crack at it! O! Look who’s putting up a fight At the turnpike To The Solingen Bridge Of Sword Which spans the seas’ roar Desiccating the hearts of The Forlorn - Portents and loud blasts From each of the Twelve Thrones Alas! For who shall be reborn? For who shall be reborn?
Listen To Me, Shirley! Listen to me, Shirley! Eight lashes per man In the gold mines of Moto! This dog does not bite! Its a good dog! Its an Immigration Control Dog! That’s its job! And there is no kingdom come On Doctor Yalom Dot Com Even through there are no Atheists in foxholes! Female thugs with latex gloves The frog swallowed the Chevy Impala! When they look at him Like he was a somebody It pleases him Because he is a nobody! Listen to me, Shirley! Eight lashes per man In the gold mines of Moto!
Beneath Discordant Skies Beneath discordant skies Fields yield Sleep steels Rails heal Thoughts of him Locked in To the pentatonic scale Who once burned In the limelight Taking encore after encore On into the night Now in sarcophagus afloat On canals congealed - Locked in! Rails heal Sleep steels Fields yields Beneath discordant skies…
They'll Be Here Soon They’ll be here soon! No time to pack Or to adjust the smile (and I hereby confess I have shamefully failed Wholly to excavate The last drop of my bile) They’ll be here soon - No point in looking back They’ll have blown-up the shack Poured crude on the patch And fenced-off the stile - They’ll be here soon - O! New Regime! Thou reignest supreme!
Hat 02:19
Hat Home Is where I hang With her Inside My head - My other Three-quarters! Stay In! Dont even smile! And tune in To The Reptile! Home Is where I hang…
Pure Scenario I’m in Deptford Its still pure scenario The tide’s gone out in the creek And the paste diamonds Are glinting on his cheeks - Look! Her tearful fearful crocodile Is feigning sleep! O! He’d sashay for you, My Sweet! And the half moon’s sinking Thinking about the full moon’s capers And the Tenants’ Associations capers - What once passed for And what was once O! So dearly longed for: Love - That shell When you put it to your ear It knells - I’m in Deptford Within earshot Of all our own Private hells…
Cut It! Cut that cloud in two With a chainsaw, God! And sacrifice your golden fleece! Take a break and slake Celestial thirst With ambrosia Brewed by the Baron Cimitière - Cut it! With your cherubim And your seraphim With your chainsaw, God! And condescend To look down And have a laugh At the Pygmies of Paulton You designed Yourself! Pulsating! And strobed by the hedge! Shying From the raining down Of the translucent gliders of gauze And their sacrificial virgin pilots! Never to reach Arnhem! Biting the dust And ashes of your mines - Golden black menhirs Reach for the sky!
Empty Vessels I am an empty vessel I make a lot of noise I love to do the washing-up
I’m not one of the boys! Have you got any bing Have you got any bing, Have you got any bing Crosby?
What’s This Mission All About? Whats this mission all about? Hard-drop women and a slice of steel? A little sunday war for a cut of the gate? The inalienable right to cling-wrap up in a concrete flag when a good god appeals? The increased number of scientists wearing crepe? The reinforced cyberfields of the eternally glucose words of faith? The Commander-In-Chief of The Deceased and Sheik Amir al Jamby? The Wasted Men in their Land of Bleak? A thousand mile hike through new guinean head-hunting jungle only to rinse it blue and polyglot? Atop your wooden hill where the perfumed teardrop is distilled? So whats this mission all about? Olodum! Olodum!
The Fish Needs A Bike The fish needs a bike & the bike needs A big bowl of japanese phlegm The japanese phlegm Needs the businessmen The businessmen Dont hitch-hike The dead woman lives The gave a little bit of her life The fish needs a bike
Enemy Ears Liberate the statue! Extend The Happy Hour! Legalise the loaded sky! I will soon come to power! Pedestals all empty The masons have run for cover They infiltrate the armoured rain And indoctrinate the flowers You who are immortal You live in ivory towers Sandblast away your granite tears! I will soon come to power! Cherry Blossom Polish I love Cherry Blossom Polish I love Kiwi too I lick your boots I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I shoot you! The sky is dark with airplanes Something falls It is not rain The sky is dark with airplanes Something falls Which stops the game Its Blurt's fault Blurt's to blame I could not stand the pressure I could not stand the strain I just want to hear Your medals jingling-jangling in the breeze As you're bending over To shove a Black & Decker Through their knees Because I love Cherry Blossom Polish I love Kiwi too I lick your boots I salute you!


《Cut It! Live!》
OH 019

磁带 Cassette(限量300盘 Limited to 300)
2017年第四届明天音乐节现场 @ B10现场 Live at the 4th Tomorrow Festival 2017 @ B10 Live

年逾70的萨克斯手、诗人、傀儡师Ted Milton携Blurt乐队在第四届明天音乐节上为我们带来了别开生面的音乐现场。在演出开始之前,他还朗诵了他的五首诗歌。包含诗歌朗诵在内的19首全长曲目被独家收录在特别版的数字专辑之中。
Saxophonist, poet and puppeteer, Ted Milton, in his 70s, brought his band Blurt to the 4th Tomorrow Festival with an unusual musical scene. He has recited 5 of his poems before the performance. The full set of 19 tracks, including poetry readings, are included exclusively in the special edition of the digital album.


数字专辑曲目 Digital Album Tracks:

1 诗歌朗诵 Poetry Reading:Planet You + She Spent A Fortune On Lipstick For Me + Miles Away + Listen To My South Sea Bubble + Kenny Roger's Greatest Hit 11:36
2 Let Them Be! 3:55
3 Giant Lizards On High 3:40
4 I Wan See Ella 4:06
5 Where’s The Blue Gone? 5:24
6 Fresh Meat For Martyrs 4:30
7 Stella By Arc Light 6:08
8 O! Look Who's Out On Parole! 3:36
9 Listen To Me, Shirley! 4:20
10 Beneath Discordant Skies 5:24
11 They'll Be Here Soon 8:22
12 Hat 2:19
13 Pure Scenario 6:35
14 Cut It!+ Cherry Blossom Polish 5:48
15 Empty Vessels 6:22
16 Amour De Ma Vie 5:09
17 What’s This Mission All About? 2:32
18 The Fish Needs A Bike 4:50
19 Enemy Ears + Cherry Blossom Polish 8:58


released April 15, 2020

Ted Milton - 主唱 Vocals / 萨克斯 Saxophone
Steve Eagles - 吉他 Guitar
David Aylward - 鼓 Drums

录音 Recording: 曾君 Zeng Jun / 罗绿野 Luo Lvye
母带处理 Mastering: 刘英 Liu Ying
制作人 Producer: 涂飞 Tu Fei
摄影 Photography: 陈悦湘 Chan / 许益铭 Bug @ Dafa
设计 Design : 尹思卜 Midori Yin


all rights reserved



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