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《燃烧的书店 II》

日文名:燃える本屋 II
英文名:Burning Bookshop II

纐缬雅代 Masayo Koketsu / 老丹 Lao Dan / 李带菓 Li Daiguo / 邓博宇 Deng Boyu
OH 018

中音萨克斯手纐缬雅代作为铃木勲特别组织的最新OMA SOUND乐队成员之一,首次来到OCT-LOFT国际爵士音乐节。在B10现场演出过后,她与众多乐手一起来到旧天堂书店,展开了火花四溅的切磋,直至深夜。这盘磁带记录了其中她与中国乐手老丹、李带菓和邓博宇的即兴现场。
As a member of the Isao Suzuki OMA SOUND specially organized by Suzuki himself, alto saxophone player Masayo Koketsu made her very first appearance on the stage of the OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival. After the concert at B10 Live, she joined the jam session at Old Heaven Books along with many other musicians till late into the night. This cassette has documented the part that she improvised with Chinese musicians Lao Dan, Li Daiguo and Deng Boyu.

* 磁带 Cassette(限量300盘 Limited to 300)- ¥60
* 2019年第九届OCT-LOFT国际爵士音乐节旧天堂书店即兴现场 Improvisation at Old Heaven Books during the 9th Tomorrow Festival 2019

视频 Video www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCW9pSBzHF4


released April 13, 2020

纐缬雅代 Masayo Koketsu - 中音萨克斯 Alto Saxophone
老丹 Lao Dan - 中音萨克斯 Alto Saxophone / 笛子 Dizi (Chinese Flute)
李带菓 Li Daiguo - 琵琶 Pipa (Chinese Lute)
邓博宇 Deng Boyu - 鼓 Drums

录音 Recording : 罗绿野 Luo Lvye
混音 Mixing & 母带处理 Mastering : 邓博宇 Deng Boyu
制作人 Producer : 涂飞 Tu Fei
摄影 Photography : BothBin@DAFA / 阿瓜 Wain / 玛布 Mabu / 小林 Lin / 丁路 Ding Lu / ZEJIAN.LI@NIRVINA
设计 Design : 尹思卜 Midori Yin


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Old Heaven Bookstore, located in Shenzhen, China, sells books and records. It's also a record label that has released more than 30 albums, including cassettes, vinyl records, and disks.

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